Blog post of choice

Deep down, (really deep) I have always wanted to start a blog. I have gone as far as making a domain on a blog website for my platform and have even made a twitter account for “my blog.” After doing all that work along with all of my endless free-flowing thoughts I have still never managed to actually tend to my blog. It has been sitting all this time with no contribution or a meager login for that matter. My blog. No words. Now that I have a chance to kick start the engine I figured I will discuss the topic of “balancing an overall content college lifestyle.”


  1.  Taking up a job
  2. Saying no to “festivities” the on a school night
  3. Jump out of the comfort zone
  4. Utilize what the campus has to offer
  5. Establishing a major
  6. Food, and the costs that come with it
  7. Read for fun (what!?)
  8. Office hours
  9. Connecting and marketing yourself
  10. Work hard, play hard





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