What I want to blog about

There are many different topics I would like to discuss this semester. How can I narrow them down?

Well, I really like sports. So theres a start. I cover men’s tennis for the Daily Eastern News, but I would like to do something totally different compared to that. Maybe just NBA, or maybe just the state of EIU athletics.

I’m interested in this topic because it is what I want to have a career in. The fact that if I keep blogging about sports and keep up to date with them, it will make me a better writer.

I’m a student at EIU, so if I cover EIU sports, then it puts me closer to the action and players. I know different things about sports. Throughout the year, sports season change, like right now we have basketball, pretty soon baseball will be coming up.


Ten ideas I have that I can write about are:

  1. The men’s tennis team, since I already cover them for the DEN
  2. Club teams and their struggle
  3. My experience working camera for the OVC digital network
  4. My experience as a student at EIU going to watch a game
  5. Ask fans/students that go to games, why they go?
  6. The trouble a student athlete goes through to maintain grades
  7. The life of a student athlete
  8. How to cover a game
  9. Why are sports vital to a university?
  10. The differences in sports




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