Whether the Weather Will Weather, or Whether the Weather Won’t Weather

Image Credit: Skeeze

Have you ever wondered what was going on with the weather out there? I mean, we live in Illinois, so we’re prone to some major swings when it comes to the weather. This concept has fascinated me for years, in fact, that’s why I’ve decided to dedicate my life to try and figure out how to predict something so wild. Hopefully, through a series of blog posts I can help you understand just what’s going on in this wild world of ours.

Trying to plan out a semester’s worth of posts about a subject that can be hard to predict on a daily basis, but if I were to try and plan ahead, here’s a few ideas of what I could potentially talk about.

  1. IL Weather: Why not talk about the weather right here in the Land of Lincoln?
  2. Explainers: Confused on why something’s happening? I’ll do my best to explain!
  3. Records: I’ll be sure to tell you about all our broken records, I’ll try and not be too repetitive too.
  4. Behind the Scenes: Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have the day in the life of a Meteorologist? I’ll try and give you a taste of what I do at my job!
  5. A Look Back: Spring is a wild weather season, which means there’s plenty of history when it comes to storms here in East Central Illinois. So why not take a look back and see what’s happened in the past.
  6. Photographic Look: We can take a look at some great photos of all sorts of weather phenomena.
  7. Severe Weather: Spring is just around the corner, so that’s bound to lead severe weather sweeping through our neighborhoods.
  8. Weather Safety: Have you ever wondered what to do during severe weather? I’ll let you know!
  9. Q & A: I’m sure we all have questions about the weather, so I’ll do my best to answer them.
  10. Forecast: Why not give you a little preview into what’s to come for East Central Illinois?

My name is Brian Hartman and since I was little I’ve always been a science nerd. I always knew as a kid that when I grew up, I would find myself in some sort of scientific field, and it just happens I landed on Meteorology. I’ve always been fascinated the weather of Illinois and the fact that it’s constantly changing and is always interesting to watch. I also love sharing my new found knowledge with anyone who’s willing to listen. Since I’ve come to Eastern, I’ve joined News Watch and there I’ve rose to the ranks of a Sky Watch Forecaster. You can watch us WEIU every week night at 5:30, so be sure to tune in.


Photo Credit: Cameron Douglas Craig


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