How an individual make money by gaming.

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I’m a huge game fans, my gaming history was like a war history between mom and me. I’ve played a mass of games in my past 23 years. My understanding of gaming grow with my age, recent years I don’t play that much games but still put a lot of time focus on gaming industry. Why so many kids like me addicted to games, what rules can be concluded from observing those gamers and gaming company. I believe those gaming company are “Dream Weavers.” The game they design and their target group positioning are carefully managed.

To become a professional game producer need mass of exercise and talent. But being a part of the gaming industry is not that hard and everyone could do that. What I want to focus is how ordinary people people balance their gaming desire and their living requirements.

10 ideas about the topic

  1. The gaming industry’s situation
  2. different kind of job in gaming industry
  3. being a professional gamer
  4. E-sports competition and the compete culture of gaming
  5. bonus of top gaming competition
  6. streaming platform of America, Twitch
  7. difference between America “Twitch”, Korean “Azubu” and Chinese “Douyu”
  8. how to become a “Live-Anchor”
  9. A “Live-Anchor”‘s daily life
  10. the difference between American gamers and Chinese gamers

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