During this class we have to blog about a topic that we are interested in. Lately, I have been really interested in becoming fit whether that means working out or eating better or both. I could work that into the blog because there’s a number of different things I could do to make it interesting.

  1. I can make videos of different workouts that I like or that work for me.
  2.  I can post recipes with pictures of the finished product to help give people different meals or snacks that are still healthy.
  3. I could do posts about workout myths that people tend to believe and call them out for how they are not true while providing links and evidence as to why they aren’t true.
  4. I can make blogs about my own personal journey and different set backs or struggles I go through that people could possibly relate to making my blog more relatable and personable to the public.
  5. A blog can also be about different workout supplements, pills, and proteins are used and how they should be used, as well as when and who should use them.
  6. I can do a blog about workout clothes, where you can find them for cheaper amounts the ridiculous amounts like LuLu and such.
  7. I could do a post about how to fit in a workout when you are a busy college student trying to do homework, go to classes, and have a social life.
  8. A blog can be about different ways to motivate yourself when you simply do not feel like going to the gym.
  9. Another blog can be about how to get a workout in the same day you’re trying to recover from a hangover and an intense night out.
  10. A prospective blog can also be about how to ignore the judgements of the gym when you are new there and just starting to get into working out.

Personally I came to like fitness because I have really bad anxiety usually and found that when I work out it helps lessen that anxiety and I feel better and more aware throughout the day. As time went on I began to like it for a lot of reasons. I felt more confident in myself, a began seeing small results that made me feel successful and proud, as well as being able to run or lift like I used to when I was an athlete.

I’m still learning a lot about fitness and health as I go along. I know bits and pieces from the two months that I have been getting really into and diving into it. My dad runs marathons for his hobby so I’ve also learned a lot from him and his training.



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