Why Do I Want To Travel So Much?

I am pretty sure if you read my blog, and may ask why in the world I chose to talk about traveling. Well I am here to explain why I want to so bad.

One of my biggest fears is feeling like I did not do everything I could and wanted to do before my time is up. And my goal is to see the world from my own eyes and have a story from each place. See traveling and being able to experience the world first hand is amazing. Many people out there don’t even get a chance to travel to the next state. But being a college student, I use that goal of traveling to help me stay motivated to want to complete school.

There is a list of places that I want to go, with Greece being top on the list. My mom often asks me if I could travel with anyone I wanted, who would I go with? I sit and think to myself and that’s a hard question to answer. Because there are certain places that I want to travel to with certain people. Every place is different, so why shouldn’t the people I travel with be?

Another reason why I am so interested in traveling is because I like to see how different cultures and people live in different places. In the United States, its a lot different from how other countries live. And I just often feel like I can be restricted to a way of thinking because I am in one place. Why not experience different things, then chose the best one and live by that?

But these were just a few reasons why  I wanted to travel. If anyone has any questions, please ask away. I would love to answer them.


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