What To Do The Night Before

I know, I know, you have the traveling butterflies and you are basically unstable to almost think correctly. You may come off as a little jittery, but that’s ok! Its just soo much to do in so little like, with sooo much ahead of you.

So this post is just going to drop a few things on what you can do the night before.

Now, I am not going to give you the complete guide to doing these things, but I will help you, and drop a link for you to look at for any further ideas.

One of the first things you want to make sure you do is have the passports of some source of ID put out and ready to be next to a wallet or purse. Whether you are going out the country or staying in, having you identification is important. I know that you may read this and be like “Duh I will have it.” but some people forget and their flight, boat, or halfway driven past a checkpoint. just make sure you have it.

Next thing, check and make sure all of your clothes are packed and at the door. Leaving you suitcase or bags at the door assure that you have everything with it, and all you have to do is get up, shower, then leave and crab your bag on the way. Its much easier than hauling the bag downstairs the day of when you are most likely to be rushing.

The list tip I suggest is creating a checklist. This checklist is no-doubt one of the easiest ways to make sure you have EVERY thing. Its simply checking off the things you do have, and the things that you don’t. This saves a lot of time, and is very helpful! Don’t overlook this tip.

Below is a link to a few tips and maybe hacks on what to do the night before. Tips For Night Before

I hope these were useful!



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