This Is Not Rocket Science: Home Away From Home

Welcome back, for the last time, to This Is Not Rocket Science!

The longest held dream of scientists in the modern age is that, ever since we went to the Moon in 1969, returning for good. A permanent place for mankind on another rock in the stars – a home away from home.

Previously, we’ve spoken about the proposed lunar base created under cooperation between Russia and the European Space Agency. Today, that cooperation has potentially expanded.

A Federal Aviation Administration advisory board has unanimously recommended that the United States government and the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation begin talks with the ESA and Russia on how the United States can commercially contribute to the “Moon Village” project.

The “Moon Village” is a project without a plan for construction or funding, it should be noted, but this was brushed aside by ESA Director-General Johann-Dietrich Woerner. ““There are people trying to convince me already about the architecture” of the facility, he said. “For me, the more important thing is that we together decide on a global, international scheme.”

If there was any better note to sign off on than international cooperation, I can’t think of one.

My name is Richard Donaldson, and this? This was not rocket science.

Per Audacia Ad Astra.


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