Final Project Part 2: Persimmon Lane

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Persimmon Lane is an antique store that is located in Charleston, Ill in the downtown square. In this store there are many different types of things you will find. From scrabble letters for art projects, to couches, and other decor for someones home. There are so many things there that anyone would most likely leave to go home with a few bags of items. The prices there are usually pretty cheap unless it is something that is large and more expensive.

When walking into this store, I became very excited. I have never been in a place like this with so many unique  things in one place. Not to mention in being in a room with so many antiques which are polished and look brand spanking new. When you first walk in, anyone would notice the beautiful Christmas tree that was standing at the entrance with old shinny ornaments that looked like antiques. Then you would notice the wall of old cameras. The wall had to have had about 25 different cameras. From old Nikon’s to Polaroid cameras. After looking there, if you looked down to the right, you would notice a huge container of letters from different board games that have been arranged by type and placed at this one spot. I would imagine people come in there all the time looking at the letters because there are chairs right there waiting for people to sit in them.

When going further back to the store, you start to see large decor for peoples rooms and houses. There was even a old refrigerator that was blue standing there. They had just about everything you could ever imagine owning in your living-room and kitchen from the 60s-90s. There also was a spot in the store that looked like it was a room for teen-agers back in the 80s. This spot had lights that anyone could hang up, old huge records that you could play that was next to the old record player. There was even an old telephone that was next to the records. I received a 80s vibe from that area of the store.

One thing that I did notice, when you when further and further back in the store, the vibe got older. In the back were real antiques. From jewelry, to hats that flappers wore. One thing that stood out were these rings made from silverware. Yes, silverware. It looked like it was cut and wrapped to make a ring. Now till this very moment, I am sitting here thinking how in the world did they do that back then if they did not have all of the tools of today? Pretty cool. Another thing that caught my attention was a darts board that had all the darts to it. And it was in good condition. That was very surprising because it was in the further back part of the store where the old antiques where. So it made me question, how old was this dart board.

When talking to the owner, he had explained that he received these items by going to garage sales, people coming in and donating them, and other ways. Some would come in bad condition and would have to be fixed up. They would take their time with fixing each antique when they came in. Which is special because they take seriously what they do. The owner who is name happens to be Todd Cornwell explained how him and his wife take great ownership of this store. They don’t get many customers, but when they do, people come in and don’t leave out with just nothing. They take their time with polishing, fixing, and placing each product in a certain place, so it fits in that area.

This store has been open for about five years now. Many of its regular customers are tourist, people from town and a few Eastern Illinois Students. He explained many don’t come in as much as he would hopped. He then goes on to tell that there are plenty of things that students can come here and get for their dorms and apartments. There is something for anyone!

But overall, this store is an amazing place to be. Walking in and getting this wonderful vibe was pretty cool. Anyone could easily spend a couple of hours in there looking at all the little trinkets and antiques. This place isn’t just for people who like antiques, its for people to come in and look around and guarantee that they will see something they  like. I would recommend everyone going here and taking a look. You are bound to find something.

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