Meeting New People When Traveling

When traveling, you are destined to meet some very interesting people along the way. You have some people who are not as interesting as others, but who would make a great traveling couple, partners, or even friends of another destination different from where you stay. But when meeting new people when traveling, it comes with paying attention to them and making sure they are not people of your best interest.

When I went traveling, I met this girl and guy. The girls name was Mia, and the guys name was Doug. They had to have been two of the most interesting people I have ever met. They knew the area, knew where all the spots to eat where and knew where all the attractions were! I thought they were pretty decent people, until one night came.

One day, my friend Tyra and I had gone to meet up with Mia and Doug to go eat. After we ate, they took us to this club what we found was pretty amazing, and we were able to get in at only 20. We had fun that evening and went home to talk about our evening.

Turns out, they both had taken items from us each day they saw us, the last thing they took ended up being a very nice camera that I had bought just for this occasion. I was stunned to think that they had done it and surprised as well. It really stunk because we thought they were very nice people and just wanted to show us a good time. NOPE.

The whole time they had been trying to get in our pockets. And we lost some pretty valuable stuff while meeting them. Along with pictures that were ever so important to us. Yes we had cellphones, but the camera quality was much better.

So I say this as a heads up. When traveling, be aware of all the people you meet. They may seem nice and everything, but some have a motive to plot and do something because you may not be familiar with the area and are a little be more vulnerable.


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