Ghosts of Writer’s Present

This video is on an event at EIU’s campus that involved nonfiction writing. For this video I interviewed Lisa Rhodes who was a guest author at the event and a student at EIU. What drew me toward was creative curiosity. I am always curious to see what direction literature is going in I enjoy writing myself so it seemed natural that I see what my peers are writing and which way are we taking literature as a generation. I am excited to see what the future holds. Watch as I speak with Ms. Rhodes about what events like this bring to campus, as well as her own personal writing journey. Events like this do well to showcase talent on campus. Outside of things like talent shows that EIU hosts every year this event showcases a different side of a student. It isn’t so vain, and it isn’t necessarily all about the story teller. Showcases such as this one works well to educate or enlighten the students. A story written by a student  could really resonate with the listener. It puts emphasis on the mind and spirit rather than the physical side of students. We get to take a peak into the mind of the current student and see what we can find or recognize in their story that we see in our own. It’s things like that that make an event like this special.  It makes students want to come back and watch again, or it could encourage a new work of art, whether musically or visually it has the ability to feed both sides of the mind. There is so much emphasis being put on the academic side of the college experience that it becomes overwhelming for some. So It is good that students can come together and talk about how they really feel and talk about what’s really going on with them and their day to day situations outside of the classroom.  Creativity is important to have throughout your life. When you’re going to school and working all of the time it is easy to lose track of what’s important to you, and it should be important to all students to be able to take a break from the harsh realities and journey to somewhere else where it always doesn’t have to be so complicated. Literature has the power to do that because it can be that way out of the harsh reality for awhile. Every college student is similar in the fact that we all need a break and sometimes everything at once can weigh on you and bring you down  mentally, physically, and emotionally. We need events like this to see where students are or what direction they are heading in. The inner monologue can now make it’s way to the page, and it could be extremely beautiful or it could be really scary, but we can never find out unless we have events of this nature to get a good feel of what’s going on with students on campus, and the best way to do that is to let the students express how they feel writing is only one of many outlets.



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