Does music help or hinder the cause?

Now more than ever there has been a lot of drug culture in music. In truth music is part of the drug culture, and has been for a while.  Though in recent years musicians have upped the ante when dealing with drugs in their music. Drugs are glorified in music and in the past drug use was always prevalent the Beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, abbreviates to LSD. The group would deny the connection, but lyrics compared with the title definitely pushes through all the smoke and mirrors. Atlanta recording artist Future, has a series of music projects, that pay homage to his own use of “lean” or codeine cough syrup and soda. The messages in the song clearly speaking of his addiction. In fact most of the songs have to do in some way, shape or form with drug use. Despite it’s message it sounds incredible as a piece of music and people hear the message and make their own conclusions about drugs. There are numbers of songs about marijuana, and more than a few artists have made music almost exclusively for smokers. But a generational gap exists, because the people who are putting this music out to the public in the forms of popular music that gets to the radio and influences the kids that could be listening to this “drug music”. Rappers like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa make no excuses about their cannabis use and continue to push forward for the positive movement and it reaches others across the world for the better.


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