Crossing the line between Stoner and Stupidity

I remember a Taco Bell commercial that aired a few years ago where a guy pulls up in the drive thru, giggly and dazed and orders 99 tacos for 1 cent” the woman over the speaker corrects him and he laughs and agrees and then the Taco Bell sign flashes across the screen. I was younger at the time, and now looking back on that commercial I know they were jokingly making a stoner reference. Some could consider this bad in the name of legalization. Someone who has never smoked before, or on the fence about it could see that and be scared off. Stereotypes shouldn’t be placed on cannabis users because they come from all walks of life. A cannabis does cause some short term memory loss, increased appetite, dryness of the mouth, but that doesn’t mean that smokers are, drowning themselves in Mountain Dew, or ravaging through cabinets to cure munchies. Overdoing the “stoner persona” as a means to entertain is bad for the cause. Many people are still uneducated about cannabis and don’t know what to expect. Everybody is all for jokes and laughs, but cannabis is growing into a bigger market (legally) things have to be done to protect it. The oafish stoner burnout characters should be a thing of the past in order to help expand the movement positively.


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