Belated Paris Bombing Post

Hey, I was dealing with a family issue when this was assigned, but I figure later is better than never.

  • What social media services would you monitor? Rank them in order of importance to your news gathering?
    • The first place I would look is the twitter accounts of local news stations in Paris – the least likely place to have misinformation is those speaking to those directly effected. Second after them are the feeds of major European newspapers in England and neighboring nations – areas familiar with the language and information flow of French journalists and authorities. Last place I would look are major American outlets – distance from the event is a serious trap for misinformation.
  • What social media accounts would you follow most closely?
    • Those of official French authorities and government officials – the people least likely to report wrong information, and the quickest possible corrections.
  • How would you collect information from social media? Where would you put it all?
    • A steady stream of retweeting and dedicating a post to being a live feed of the primary sources listed above – local French journalists and official authorities.
  • What tools would you use to make a round-up of information?
    • The most applicable system I would think is Storify – a consitently and rapidly edited series of dedicated information sources, one Storify for each authority account and for local journalists.
  • How would you publicize the information you are gathering?
    • The use of hashtags created in France – this is important, as it will place our story alongside those of local sources and bring people closer to the sources themselves, allowing them to stay in tune along with us.
  • How would you verify the information you are viewing?
    • Wait on officially supporting a report until it is backed by an official source or account – or if more than one local journalist reports it. If it appears first in European sources, double check. If it appears first in American sources, consider it inaccurate until verified by local sources.
  • What would be your process for ensuring the information is accurate, grammatically correct, and up-to-date?
    • Dedicate double the number of normal copy editors to a constant watch of social media updates and bringing all Storify content and social media reposts and updates through them before publishing – perhaps have more than one editor view the piece before allowing it through the gate.

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