Another Day, Another Destination

It has been a minute since a posted a blog about a place to travel. But that’s because I have been sharing with you a little insight on what to do on your trips and other things. I am ready to give you another place to look at.

The place this time that I want to tell you about is Barcelona! This i a country in Spain. I am pretty sure many people have seen this place in movies and thought it was just beautiful! But why not just see it on the screen? How about actually traveling there.

In Barcelona, there are so many colorful trees, and buildings that look sort of antique. But is on of the best places for music. From what I was reading, there are all types of music there and has a rich culture. This would be a place you would want to travel to when you wanted to have fun and seriously learn some new things.

There are also places to go to go see plays, shop in a certain area, not to mention, plenty of places to eat. The food there has many spices that will knock your socks off! And lets not forget about the wine! Tasty and some of the best wine comes from Barcelona. There is always something to wine and dine to do.

Below, I am going to give a very useful link to helping you all plan your trip there if you decide to go.

Barcelona: The Place To Be!

I just wanted to give you all  quick information about traveling here! hope this link is useful. And I am pretty sure that there will be other links to look at while on this site.



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