Adopt a Multimedia Journalist: Daniel Sato

Picture (Above) By: Bernard Goldbach on Flickr

By: Jeff Coy



Screenshot (8)

In this video, Daniel Sato records the positive influence Mary Hampson has on others. Hampson serves a Christian mission program as the director of Freedom Outreach. She has been involved with the program for 11 years. Hampson provided much support for over 100 children as well as their families in Wilmington, Delaware. The b-roll provided by Sato gives the video an inspirational message along with Hampson’s story. The b-roll clips show her involvement with young children of different cultural backgrounds. Sato does a great job in expressing journalistic values as this video could be moving to others.


Screenshot (9)

In this video, Sato documented the experience of Angelia Negron as she reflects on her past drug addiction. The video is very personal, as Negron has moved on to a better path. She is still young, which gives an even stronger message to the audience. Sato avoids b-roll as the story told by Negron is already powerful. The camera focuses on her emotions drawn by telling the story.



Screenshot (10)

This video records the experience of reporter Ashley Barnas as she participates in the Delaware Mud Run. The intensity of the event worried the reporter as she was involved in the run. While training for the upcoming event, the video recorded Barnas’ struggle. She described the workouts as a challenge. The event itself consisted of many hills, a -10 degree ice pit, fire hurdles, and wall climbing. The event supported a charity Barnas wanted to give time to. Sato does a great job at give the video a first person experience, along with Barnas B-roll recorded off her Go-Pro.


Screenshot (11)

In this video, Sato along with his classmates created a 15 minute long document on a young professional boxer. Victor Ortiz has had many struggles in life but has been able to overcome them through boxing. This story is impressive because it covers such a young boxer who is already a pro. Ortiz gets very personal about his life as well as his passion for the sport. This is a great example of journalism because of the influence it has on boxing and sports in general. I was engaged in the video immediately when once it introduced the young athlete.




Screenshot (12)

In this video, Sato covers the struggles of a farmer while he looses profit. Farmer, Mark J. Wells talks about how salt water intrusions are destroying his crops. The farm Wells uses in being rented from someone else, making it essential to make money off of crops. He spends much of his money on growing the crops but can’t get as much back because the salt water floods. Altogether the salt water has destroyed 49 archers of rented farm land. Sato’s video is very informative and is arguably great “hard-news,” as it effects the community altogether.




Screenshot (13)

In this video, Sato experiments with different camera effects. This is during a professional MLB baseball game. It captures great sound as fans watch the game. Even though there is not really any reporting, the journalist gets a great use of time as he prepares for the upcoming season. He captures some of the gameplay in slow motion. This exaggerates the action occurring in the game.


Screenshot (14)

In this video, Sato covers a college women’s basketball game. It focuses more on one team then the other. It interviews the University of Delaware’s coach and a Senior player. They go over their recent winning streak and the teams national rank. It provides an overall brief but detailed coverage on the teams current statues at the time of the video.



This picture shows two female basketball players fighting for the ball as the girl in the white jersey recovers it after falling on the ground. Sato uses the a higher aperture properly in this picture as the camera focuses more on a shallow depth of field. The emotion on the girls’ faces show their struggle in the middle on the game. This photo is also informative, even though the audience can only see one of their jerseys, they understand which team has possession of the ball.



In this photo, Sato changes the color of the image to a black and white effect. This was a great decision because the picture was able to develop better contrast. The two men are in white robes as the boy in the middle is wearing darker colors. The audiences eye focuses on the two men up front but fall on the young boy right after. The men slouched over also creates a frame within a frame. This is a great technique to focus some attention on the boy watching the men in white.




In this photo, Sato captures many women dressed in the same outfit. This creates repetition in the image, which attracts an audience’s attention. The women are also in a straight line. This create a graphic line within the picture. Although the high aperture used in the picture focuses on the one women up front, the viewer’s eyes follow the path of the line.

Overall Critique:

Daniel Sato is a multimedia journalist currently working at The News Journal in the Wilmington, Delaware area. He works with photography and video mainly. At work, Sato assists in the production of multimedia packages. Sato is a great example of a multimedia journalist because of his advanced skills in multiple types of reporting. Although he mainly works with various cameras, he still blogs as a hobby on his own time. His overall work is impressive as it covers a verity of subjects. Sato is skilled in taking both photographs and film. The videos I posted are from throughout his career as a journalist, including his college days. Sato’s videos he films show a lot of emotion and concern with their topics. In his videos, Sato is able to bring the audience to the personal struggles of others. There is serious eye contact between the camera and interviewee when the subjects gets intense. For the most part, Sato also using proper B-roll at the right times of his videos. His B-roll displayed further narrates the story covered. Stories such as piece #2 are able to grab the audiences attention without any B-roll as Angelia Negron gets personal. Negron shares her dark past while in tears. Although the video highlights Negron’s life going into a positive direction, she gets into detail on her life struggles. This story, along with the rest of Sato’s make the audience think about the bigger picture of an issue. In piece #6, Sato explores different effects and has fun doing so. The effects he practiced could really intensify the message of a story, especially a professional baseball game like he did. Sato also shows highs of artistic skills in his photos taken. He uses the apertures of his camera correctly, giving the images a hierarchy of attention. An audience understands what is important when analyzing Sato’s photographs because of the hierarchy he instills in the images.


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