Adopt A Multimedia Journalist Part 1

Multimedia Journalist: Matt Huynh


Matt Huynh is an artist from Australia and is currently living in New York City. The way he creates his work is by using sumi-e painting and shodo calligraphy. Many different vendors like his work because it’s different and illustrates feeling and emotions just from a few strokes of his brush. Some of his work has appeared in The Sydney Opera House, The New York Times, Men’s Health, Woman’s Health, and other magazines, articles, journals, and murals. He does an interesting job with creating art that helped be nominated for the Australian of the Year award along with other titles. His work stood out to me because it was interesting to see such detailed art along with interesting story telling. He also does comics that I have never seen before. They are motion art, and that’s what attracted me to him in the first place. The first comic that I saw was The Boat. From there, I then discovered all of the work that he did.

What made his work stand out was the way it was done. At first, I didn’t know that the work was done by painting. I had to look into his work and bio to find out that it was done by using brushes not pens. He then created paintings that showed so much detail and it was only done with one color. When I saw this, I just could not believe it. And this made me want to study him more. All of his work had the same way of being done, but just told different stories.

When I sit back, and think about critiquing his work, a few things come to mind. The first being the work he does. Even though the stories that he tells are amazing, and the paintings that he creates has wonderful detail, I do kind of get tired of seeing the same woman with beautiful long hair. There are other types of woman who have different lengths of hair. He should have more variety of what the women look like when he is painting them. It almost puts the idea in some one’s head that you have to have long beautiful hair to be painted. And that is not the case. So he just needs to consider other types of women to paint.

The second thing I think about when looking at his overall work is he could make more interactive comics. I noticed that there was only one true interactive comic that he made. I honestly think, he needs to make more because that idea is unique and not many people have seen that before. So I am pretty sure if he makes more of them, people will start to look at them more and he will catch more of an audience.

The last think that I think of when looking at his work overall is I would like to see what else he can do other than paint. Even though painting may be his trademark, being versatile with other writing utensils can show more creativity to people. I just wish he had more work of him drawing of using pen than just using a paintbrush. Being open to trying something else may also draw in more of an audience as well.

Overall, his work is amazing. I just wish he gave a little more with style and work. I did enjoy reading his comics, and would recommend anyone else to read them.



The Boat (This is an interactive comic.)


This is different from a regular comic that people usually read. It is called an interactive graphic novel. Even though the author calls it graphic novel, he still labels it a comic. Because of its format. What makes it interactive is the way the pages move. When a person first looks at it, it says scroll, while the person is scrolling, the words from the page come alive from the page, and shift from side to side from center where it usually is. As the reader goes father, the pictures that in comic style shift from side to side on the page. The main feeling the author wants the reader to get the vibe of is the storm of which the boat is in. See the story is about a young girl who is 16 years old and her parents send her on the boat to a place called Saigon. During her journey, she encounters a storm. Which brings me back to explain what the feel is of the words jumping from the page. This is an example of multimedia journalism because the author is using graphics to help tell a story about a young girl. But anyone could just read a story and go from there. The author wanted the reader to feel what was happening and relate to what she was feeling by shifting the pages.


Other Lives Concert Projection Animation


This is basically a series of pictures that were put together to tell a story. The author painted each and every picture to create motion. In the story put together by pictures, there is a young boy who seems to be running away from something. It seems as if he is running away from age. Because during the shifts to other pictures, there is an old man who appears. At the end, the young boy falls into a dark spiral and seems to age. This is an example of multimedia journalism because the author is telling a story from a series of still pictures combined together to create motion. This is different from the others because usually if there is motion, the pictures are still, but in this case, there are multiple photos that make on movie. And it also shows that the author took the time of creating this story. And when he created it, he also painted this just like the other work he has done.


Tiger Beer Lantern Animation


This piece of artwork that he has created was just a series of sections cut of a tiger photo that are surrounded by a cage that has openings. When a person  walk past this painting, they will see the tiger running. This is created by using the illusion of the tiger running by the cage which blocks off a certain part of the painting making it look like the tiger is moving. This was a unique painting that the author has done because this was the first time he wanted to use actual photos to create movement. The picture is not created by the movement from computer graphic like the other paintings, but from an eye of an audience. This demonstrates multimedia journalism by expanding the media from just the norm of a computer. The art he created here is by the human eye. The audience can chose how fast the tiger goes by the speed they look and walk past it. Its not determined by what he wants people see, but how they perceive it themselves.


Pretty Dulcie CD Design For Band Pretty Dulcie (example of Lettering)


This photo is a painting of a woman with the bands name over it. Unlike the other examples explained earlier, this is an example of lettering. As stated before, many different companies, papers, and places liked the lettering that he does. So for this example, a band asked for help with the CD design for their album. This is an example of multimedia journalism because it’s a photo that has an important aspect of it: the words. The font of the words and different and can give a feeling of what the album is actually about. And the band had seen how nice from other advertisements his lettering was and gave him a call.


Aurora  (Installation & Environmental)


This piece was created on cotton paper that is nine meters long. This photo was created with charcoal pencils and is located in Melbourne’s Lamington Drive Gallery. This piece differs from the others because instead of using a brush, he used pencils to create a dramatic effect. The photo itself is examples of faces and bodies of people. This looks more dramatic because of the texture and the dust from the charcoal on the paper. I am also guessing that this piece tells a story from what it looks like about a God who fell and trying to grab on to an angel. It’s not a typical piece that he would create, but it still can catch the attention of an audience. This is an example of multimedia journalism by showing that paintings and drawings don’t just have to be on the computer, or on a canvas to show meaning. And because it does tell a story, and is not your typical painting because it is nine feet long, it’s different. It’s almost like a mural because it is classified with them, but goes into a deeper meaning of what a simple mural could be about.


Rose Garden from ‘Apollonia/ Clementine comic

Rose Garden

This panting is created using his famous technique of painting and using special brushes. This particular piece came from a comic that he created himself. But what made this different was the detail he was able to accomplish by painting. Each rose is detailed and it’s very clear. It’s almost being able to see a color of the roses if the reader imagines hard enough. The fact that the painting has roses covering it from each angle shows that this wasn’t just done in one day, that it took time and a process to get the roses to be detailed. This is an example of multimedia journalism because it was taken from a graphic novel. But not only was it taken from that, it demonstrates beauty and time that the author took to complete this. Even though it wasn’t completed on the computer, it still has the same area of being just as special as being on the computer.


Desktop Magazine #288 Cover


This photo was used for a magazine. Which was a source of advertising. The photo is of a woman kissing letters that she either received or is sending out. I actually really like this photo a lot. Its one of the cutest photos to me personally and I can picture myself doing something like this. Nun the less, this photo can be considered an example of multimedia journalism because even though its not literally selling something, its still capturing audiences attention for their magazine. The way this photo was created was through his usual technique of using a brush. Which makes it different from other magazine covers because they usually use people and actual photos. This is the company taking a risk and being different. And it real works.


MA Graphic Novel


This novel along with the one titled “The Boat” are my favorites. This one is basically talks about the importance of family. And what it means to be together. The couple in the story had to leave their homes because of the Vietnam War. In doing this, they learn about each other, their children, and how important family is. This novel is not as graphic the “The Boat”, but it still is painted using the brushes and has nice dramatic pauses in-between the scenes. One thing that the author does a great job in doing with this novel is painting the sunset. It is truly something to paint a sunset using only black paint. But its just beautiful to see the intricate stokes and time it took for him to complete this. This is an example of multimedia journalism because it tells a story that many people in the world can relate to. It catches the audiences attention and tells a story while showing the beauty of the ocean


Cab Graphic Novel


This novel was one of the simpler novels that he created but still had an interesting meaning behind it. This was a short classic about different life experiences of people who lived in South-western Sydney community, Cabramtta. If you haven’t caught it, the CAB is just an abbreviation of the community itself. These stories of people who lived in this community all when through something and had something good to day about it. Over a length of time this story is told. This is an example of multimedia journalism because it includes stories from ordinary people. Even though these people are from a different country, we can still relate to them and understand the problems they may encounter. Being able to relate to someone through your work is important. It helps readers stick to your writing and want more.


Lucky Peach Magazine Photo


This photo is used as a small illustration for an article. It is painted of a young girl wrapped in cloth who looks like she’s singing or talking. Somehow the photo relates to what the article is about. This is an example of multimedia journalism by showing that even a small illustration can relate to a large article about what someone is thinking or discussing. It’s also different because it is in the center of the page and the words are surrounding it. T


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