Trades, Trades, Trades

The end of November and December is a very big time for baseball trades, resigning of players, and bettering baseball teams for the following year. This year there seems to be a lot more “top” players than there normally are that are at the end of their contracts. Therefore, there has been a lot of talk about where everyone is “likely” to land. Top players like David Price, Zach Grienke, and several others are some of the big names that are moving around again, and potentially changing the outlook of certain teams.

The Cardinals had a disappointing end to the season, after having the best record in all of baseball. Cards fans have been very blessed with the amount of times that they go deep in the playoffs year in and year out. There Cardinals fans want to see change, they want to see a push for a World Series. They all keep sitting patiently waiting for them to get a big name player. Not only have they stayed away from the big name players, but they also gave two of their best players (Hayward and Lackey) to the team that eliminated them in the NLDS, and division rival, Chicago Cubs.

When will it be the Cardinals turn? When will they make a big move and make ESPN’s first story in the morning? When will they take a large chance on a top player?

-Steven Kinnison-

-photo by Flickr user b.m.a.n.


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