Starting Goalies

The Blues biggest problem, (besides scoring) in the last three years is goaltending. A team’s starting goalie is one of the most important factors in having a good team and winning Stanley Cups.Between Jaraslov Halak, Brian Elliot, and Jake Allen, the Blues have had their fair share on good goaltenders.

Head coach Ken Hitchcock has received a lot of criticism the past few years because year in and year out he doesn’t name either goalie the starting goaltender. Last year’s poor playoff run has been strongly blamed  for by Hitchcock because neither goalie had that “starting goalie” confidence and mentality.

This year has been different. At first nothing was different. Hitchcock didn’t name a starter at first, but a few weeks into the season he named young, but capable goaltender #34 Jake Allen. Allen has been playing his best goalie of his career.

Hopefully, at the end of the season this will pay off, because Allen will have more experience, and confidence.

-Steven Kinnison

-Photo by Flickr User Jim Diamond



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