Say NO to Synthetics.

There are people in the world who should understand that drugs are a part of our culture. Drugs have been around, and have grown naturally throughout the whole world and before they were drugs they were just growing in the fields throughout the country. In earlier years there would be considerable amounts of propaganda geared toward what the politicians would call the  “War on Drugs” We live in a society that is constantly changing, steadily evolving day by day. The generational outlook on drugs seems to be changing  as well. We aren’t our parents, we don’t live in an After School Special world anymore. I find it absurd that there are people who shun marijuana use but encourage drinking, the government will allow anyone 21 and older with valid license to literally poison their own bodies in the name of legality. There are people who want to be able to smoke freely without persecution or fear of being stigmatized because of their own personal choices or losing their jobs. Conjuring up irrational fears in others leads to irrational actions. Irrational actions like: using synthetic drugs, which are extremely dangerous. Yes, I’m talking about the synthetics, the Spices, and K2’s, because it mirrors the affect of weed but the side effects are much stronger and possibly life threatening.  With technology constantly changing the exchange of information is rapid and  with so much information readily available to anybody with a WiFi connection. You can imagine that it baffles me as to why anyone would want to smoke synthetics. But I have come to a conclusion, the fact that marijuana isn’t completely legal everywhere and still considered a Schedule 1 narcotic could have something to do with it! Jobs are drug testing and the smokers don’t want to lose their jobs and opportunities. Instead, they smoke synthetics, that lead to crazy paranoia, and hallucinations. These fakes are getting people seriously hurt, and they are 100% legal.  If marijuana is legalized, people don’t need to smoke this recreational or not these are dangerous products that can lead to serious health issues. It would be the same as people drinking bootleg alcohol in prohibition years, bathtub gin and synthetic drugs are fake! Legalize the real flowers.


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