Offseason Targets

The Cardinals’ general manager John Mozeliak says after “finishing second” for league’s top players such as Hayward and Price, they have come to the conclusion that they will not sign any “top” league players. This upset Card’s fans quite a bit, but they shouldn’t get too upset yet. There are still a lot of valuable players out there that are up for grabs.

Mozeliak told St. Louis Post Dispatch Cardinal’s beat writer that they are going after pitchers Wei-Tin Chen and Scott Kazmir. Both are very reliable pitchers that are still fairly young and would help the team greatly. It would give the pitching staff some experience, and some consistency. Both of which are very valuable to a pitching staff, that is already fairly young, and has one of their top pitchers getting Tommy John Surgery.

The only problem with Kazmir is that he has had some injury trouble in the past, and historically, the Cardinals do not go after risky players like that.

The good thing about these two pitchers is that neither one is at the end of their careers, however, both of them are past their prime pitching years making both of them a high risk-high reward type of signing.

-Steven Kinnison

-Photo by Flickr user Christine


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