Final Project

Part 1: For the Video Story i decided to do a rap video of Mathew Condon from EIU.  he is a senior and participated in a philanthropy that the Sorority Alpha Gamma Delta held called Battle Of The Greek Gods. In this philnthropy there were many different acts that people participated in. The whole point of this philanthropy is to raise money for the juvenile diabetes research foundation. I decided to focus on one person because i thought he was very talented.



PART 2: Story Of EIU school budget

EIU president David Glassman reassures schooling for the spring semester in a struggle with the states university funding.

David Glassman, who took over for retired president Bill Perry is excited about his future at EIU, but needs to avoid a huge roadblock from the state. State officials are still at a standstill on the Illinois budget. This is the first big issue glassman has had to deal with since he was just named president this year.

In an article written by the Chicago Triune regarding Illinois University funding, Glassman was reported to have told lawmakers that without a cash infusion from the state, the school might have to shut down during the spring semester. Glassman issued a letter to all students and faculty that the rumor of closing down in the spring was false and that he “guaranteed” the university would remain open.

Zachary Ishima, junior at EIU is one of many students who read the letter sent by the president and voiced concern about the rumors of the school shutting down for the spring, and sent a letter to the president.

On top of the overdue state budget, the university’s decrease in enrollment hasn’t been met with a decrease in expenses. “It will be very, very difficult to not have some layoffs this year at Eastern,” glassman pointed out. The layoffs wont contain to one department; meanwhile academics will see a large expense cut because that’s where most of the funding goes.

There will be some small budget cuts to non-academic side cuts in areas such as student affairs and athletics. Glassman, very serious about getting the proper funding, talked to the athletic department, as well as other departments to make sure they don’t go over the their respective budget. “Even if the budget weren’t passed before the school year begins and EIU receives a larger cut than expected, the university wouldn’t cut classes already in progress and would wait until spring to make any necessary extra changes”, He said in his letter to students regarding the false rumors. Glassman was receiving numerous

Ann Brownson, a reference librarian at Eastern Illinois called state funding in Illinois “a mess” but said she was happy that the contract positions weren’t eliminated. Her position is considered to be tenure track. She also happens to be on the representative to the University Professionals of Illinois House of Delegates.

Glassman agreed that the biggest problem with the budget cuts was fixing the lay off problem. Faculty members received notice in the summer that they would not be teaching in the fall, with not enough time to secure new positions somewhere else for August. 222 employees were issued furlough days, or a leave of absence. “Although critically necessary, the actions the university is undertaking to adjust our budget are extremely difficult and emotional and will impact us all in the Eastern community,” Glassman said in his letter to those 222 employees.

EIU Interim Vice President for Business Affairs Paul McCann said University officials tried to alleviate the impact as much as possible by reducing the number of days for lower-paid employee, but knows the furlough days are still taking a significant percentage of employees’ incomes.

“No one wishes to be laid off, nor see a colleague laid off,” Glassman said. “During this time, it is more important than ever that we remember to treat each other with respect and compassion.”‘

McCann said he does not yet know the estimated cost savings from the announced faculty layoffs, though the average salary for each is $50,000 per year.

Once EIU is passed this phase Glassman said he’s looking forward to developing new programs to draw in more students. “Any university can boast about providing smaller class sizes and more personal touches”, he said; “so the university must show it can actually walk the walk, not just talk the talk.” One thing glassman wants to do to raise the income of students is to focus on graduate students and not just undergraduates. He is in favor of expanding online programs targeted for the graduate students. “Online provides transference of knowledge well, which is good for graduate programs,” he said “but it doesn’t provide the on-campus culture that’s a big part of the college experience for undergraduates.”

Glassman wants to make sure students have the best education possible and believes that the state will make sure to give the university the proper budget to accommodate the students and faculty. “

With the fall semester nearing an end, EIU president David Glassman assures students that the university will remain open, and is doing anything he can to stress the importance of university funding of the state of Illinois.


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