Fight, Fight, Fight

Fighting has been a huge part of the game of Hockey for as long as the game has been around. There have been a lot of recent arguments that fighting has no place in the game, because people are getting too hurt too often. Whether that’s true or not, fighting has always been one of the best parts of the sport. All teams need to keep one guy on their roster that can stand up to anyone. These guys are called enforcers. The enforcer has a much more important role to the team than the average viewer knows and realizes.

Enforcers are almost always on the fourth line. Most people think that the fourth line is not as valuable as the first or second line. That is not completely true. Enforcers and fourth line players normally get matched up against the opposing team’s top line and scorers, making defense and strength a very important part of their game.

The Blues enforcer is #75 Ryan Reaves. Reaves is a very important aspect to the team. He isn’t the most skilled, and everyday scorer. But, he applies  pressure with strong and dominant presence. He had his first goal of the year the other day, at a very close point in the game.

-Steven Kinnison

-Photo by Flickr User Daniel Malmberg


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