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This is a screenshot of a piece of work while Wilbon worked at the Washington Post. He was a sports writer for the Washington Wizards for a few years until he took a job at ESPN.


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This is a screenshot of a piece of work Michael wilbon produced while working as columnist for ESPN Chicago. Wilbon began to cover NBA but his style of writing and knowledge of sports led him to a bigger role.


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This is a screenshot of Michael Wilbon’s tv show that he is most known for called Pardon the Interruption, or PTI. Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser co-host the show and talk about sports topics related to the week in sports. Pardon the interruption has now become one of the top sports talk shows on ESPN.


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URL: Itunes search- Michael Wilbon

This is a screenshot of Itunes where you can find Michael WIilbon podcasts. Not only can you find his podcasts for the show PTI, but you can also find any radio talk show where he has been featured in. he has begun to start his own podcasts where he talks about similar issues as he does on the show only he has more people to talk to.


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This is a screenshot of a list of works by Wilbon while working for ESPN. He took on a greater role than just being beat reporter for the bulls. He also took on roles of reporting for the bears, cubs, white sox, and many other sports.


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this is a screenshot of the show PTI. Not only is this a radio talk show, but its also a podcast, and on ESPN daily. Michael Wilbon took co-host of the show in 2011, with Tony Kornheiser.


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Seated left, Michael Wilbon also appears as a NBA analyst for KIA NBA Countdown, on ESPN and ABC. His works for the ESPN Chicago were noticed and he was given the position alongside three former NBA stars.


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This is a screenshot of Michael Wilbon’s twitter. He is an active sports columnist who avidly uses twitter to relay his information. He reports from anything breaking news related about sports, or rumors about teams to almost anything.


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This is a screenshot of another article relating to Chicago sports that wilbon covered. He has been a part of ESPN Chicago for almost 10 years.


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This is a screenshot of an article Wilbon wrote talking about his new role with ESPN. After review of Wilbon’s work ESPN wanted to hear his opinion more which eventually led to the position on PTI.




Michael Wilbon is one of the nation’s most respected sports journalists; one of the first sportswriters to broaden his career beyond newspapers to include television, radio and new media. He currently works for ESPN Chicago and ESPN radio, as well co-host of Pardon The Interruption viewed on ESPN. Wilbon also appears on the “NBA Sunday Countdown” pregame show on ABC. Wilbon began his career working for the Washington Post in 1980 covering MLB, NFL and the NBA.

Wilbon regularly contributes to NBA news and information programming across ESPN platforms. He also appears weekly on ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago, with Scott Van Pelt on ESPN Radio and with Tony Kornheiser on ESPN980 in Washington.

Michael Wilbon is a great choice of a multimedia journalist for his many jobs he currently holds on ESPN, as well as awards he has won for his work. In 2001 he was recognized by Sigma Delta Chi, the Society of Professional Journalists, as the top sports columnist in America. In March of 2011 he was inducted into the D.C. Sports Hall of Fame for his coverage and commentary on sports in and around the Nation’s Capital.

Michael Wilbon started out as just a columnist for a small newspaper, but took advantage of the opportunities and is known today as one of the most credible sports multimedia journalists in the world. He has 1.85 million followers on twitter, which says, a lot about his credibility. His eagerness to present sports news in any fashion is valid because he writes articles, co-hosts a talk show, and features on many other sports radio shows and podcasts. In 2010, Wilbon left the Washington Post to work full-time with ESPN and ABC. Initially, he worked on “The Sports Reporters” show on ESPN and then he co-hosted Pardon the Interruption (PTI) with Tony Kornheiser from October 22, 2001. He also co-hosted ABC’s NBA Countdown with Jalen Rose, Bill Simmons and Magic Johnson. Wilbon has showed in almost every media outlet possible.

Today Michael Wilbon is most known for his role on the ESPN show Pardon The Interruption. PTI is a sports related show that Wilbon and co-host Tony Kornheiser discuss, and frequently argue about sports topics of the day. PTI is known for its humorous and loud tone, as well as the rundown graphic which lists the topics to be discussed on the right-hand side of the screen similar to ESPN’s “SportsCenter”.

The show is split up in to 4 segments. Wilbon usually opens the show with the line, “Pardon the Interruption… but I’m Mike Wilbon. He then asks a question to Kornheiser concerning one of the day’s sports issues and Kornheiser responds in a sarcastic matter usually.

Segment two is called “Five Good Minutes”, in which Kornheiser and Wilbon interview a sports figure or writer for a period of three to five minutes, and then voice there opinions during the rest of the segment.

Segment three is a various segment in where sometimes they begin to make predictions for the upcoming games. Since this show is very opinionated, they often try to be humorous and use pop culture in this segment.

The last part of the show is called the “SportCenter” segment where kornheiser and wilbon get 60 seconds to give a brief summary of the topic discussed.

I think Michael Wilbon fits a multimedia journalist perfectly and proves that in every way he has produced his news.









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