This Is Not Rocket Science: You Up There

Welcome back to This Is Not Rocket Science!

So there’s a funny thing about astronauts – how exactly do you become one?

The answer, apparently, is you file an application like every other job on Earth.

NASA has reopened the application for U.S. citizens to become employees of NASA in the field of being an astronaut – a public app, open to anyone who fits NASA’s minimum academic requirements. If you think that is a fairly limited field, take heart – over 3 million people on LinkedIn qualify academically for the position of astronaut. So it isn’t, theoretically, impossible.

Final selection for astronauts will occur sometime in 2017, and once selected the astronaut may fly on any of four U.S. spacecraft – including a potential mission aboard the Orion spacecraft bound for Mars.

“NASA’s mission, and what we need from the astronauts helping to carry it out, has evolved over the years,” said NASA’s Flight Operations Director Brian Kelly. “Some people would be surprised to learn they might have what it takes. We want and need a diverse mix of individuals to ensure we have the best astronaut corps possible.”


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