This Is Not Rocket Science: The Next Step Up

Welcome back to This Is Not Rocket Science!

Announced not too long ago, NASA is continuing to press forward on multiple fronts on its Journey To Mars project, the objective of which is to land a human being on Mars by 2030, with a stop on the way of landing a person on an asteroid by 2025.

The next step up for the project is the GSDO, or Ground Systems Development and Operations Program, under process of construction at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The GSDO will support the launch of the Orion spacecraft and NASA’s Space Launch System rocket, which will be the most powerful rocket in the world when completed.

Today, the GSDO completed its last review, the critical design review, before full scale construction can begin.

“The completion of this review represents a critical milestone for the GSDO team that clearly demonstrates we are on track with the launch site upgrades required to support SLS and Orion test, checkout and launch in 2018,” said Mike Bolger, GSDO program manager.

You can read the full announcement here.



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