This Is Not Rocket Science: On Solid Ground

Welcome back to This Is Not Rocket Science!

We’ve talked an awful lot on this blog about the nature of the International Space Station as a place of international cooperation in our upper atmosphere. But the ISS’s very existence means it cannot be perfect – soon in our future, the ISS will be decommissioned, and humanity will be without a place of cooperation in space.

However, that could soon change – and permanently, on solid ground. New cooperative plans between Russia and the European Space Agency indicate that a manned base on the moon is in development by Russia’s ROSCOSMOS.

The ESA, according to the plans, will contribute a large drill and other instruments to Russia’s Luna 27 unmanned mission to the moon in 2020. The aim of Luna 27 is to scout out potential locations for the construction of a permanent lunar base in the future in cooperation with the ESA.


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