Pinstripe Bowl Preview

One of the most interesting matchups of the bowl season to me is the Indiana vs. Duke game, which will be played at Yankee Stadium. A few things that make this interesting is that these two schools are mainly known as basketball schools and here they are playing football in a baseball stadium. Indiana is the favorite going into this game by two and half points. A couple of reasons why they are favored over Duke is because they recently just lost their offensive coordinator who took the head coaching job at East Carolina. Another reason is that since playing for the ACC title game in 2013, Duke has slowly regressed. Despite having NFL talent like Jeremy Cash at safety, Duke will have a tough time against a fast-paced, high scoring Hoosier offense. Indiana put up a combined 68 points against Ohio State and Michigan this year, the two best defenses they faced. Indiana has not been to a bowl game since 2007 and has not one a postseason game since 1991. A victory will give them their first winning season in eight years. With quarterback Nate Sudfield graduating and star running back Jordan Howard reportedly declaring for the draft, this might be a last chance opportunity for them to get above .500 in awhile.


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