Cosby Files a Countersuit for Defamation Case

By: Jeff Coy

Photo By: Kate Haskell on Flickr

Reuters Legal tweeted and article about Bill Cosby countersuing seven women who accused him of defaming them. According to the women, Cosby made defamatory statements by saying they lied about being sexually assaulted by actor.

The countersuit was filed in U.S. district court in Springfield, Massachusetts. It contends that the women defamed Cosby’s “honorable legacy and reputation” by accusing him of sexual assault. The counterclaim said Cosby’s hurt reputation caused plans for a new family comedy on NBC to be canceled.

Cosby’s attorneys wrote in court papers: “Relying solely on unsubstantiated accusations, counterclaim defendants have engaged in a campaign to assassinate Mr. Cosby’s reputation and character by willfully, maliciously, and falsely accusing Mr. Cosby of multi-decade-old purported sexual misconduct.” The lawyers are charging the women with intentional infliction of emotional distress, defamation, and tortious interference.

Lawsuits originally brought to Cosby charged him with slander, assault, and libel. The suits sought unspecified financial damages. The suits claimed Cosby slandered the alleged victims by calling them liars when they publicly accused him.

Gloria Allred, a lawyer who represents several other women who have sued the comedian (not the women in the Massachusetts case) stated: “Bill Cosby appears to be going to war against women who have sued him in Massachusetts and who allege that he has victimized them. Such a tactic will not deter courageous women from fighting the battle against him.”

More than 50 women have accused Cosby sexually assaulting them after manipulating them with drugs and alcohol. Many of these alleged incidents occurred decades ago, past the statute of limitations for prosecution. Cosby has denied all claims and has never been criminally charged.

According to unsealed court documents, Cosby testified in 2005 that he had obtained the sedative drug Quaaludes. The actor testified that his intentions were to give the drugs to young women in order to have sex with them. The documents were unsealed in July as part of a separate legal proceeding against Cosby.

Many of the women who have accused Cosby of rape say they have waited so till now to confess the incident because no one would believe them. Bill Cosby has been seen a voice of many generations. His show “The Cosby Show” alone has been said to of positively promote the culture of the African American community on TV. It’s easy to say the man left a legacy to the world of entertainment. These claims have been highlighted for over a year now and many people are wondering of the outcome. Do some people have a hard time believing that such a role model was a phony all along, or were the accusers statement defamatory all along. It’s hard to believe over 50 women would just lie about such serious offences, all having consistent stories.








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