Wisconsin finishes season 9-3, play USC in Holiday Bowl

Photo by unknown user. Used with permission by creative commons.

Another season has come and gone for Wisconsin football, and what a season it was.  Aside from the fact that Wisconsin lost to Alabama opening night, lost to Iowa in one of worst offensive games of the season and lost heartbreakingly to Northwestern at home, the season was great. Wisconsin was able to finish the season with an overall record of 9-3 and conference record of 6-2, which is not bad. They did finish third place in the Big Ten West rankings, which unfortunately means they won’t play in the College Football Playoff, but that’s OK because they would just embarrass their opponents anyway (we’ll agree to disagree).

The good news in Big Ten related news is that the Iowa Hawkeyes will not be playing as well after powerhouse Michigan State defeated them with 20 seconds left in the Big Ten Championship game. The final play resembled the film “Space Jam” when Michael extended his arm a court’s length to score the game-winning dunk. That is basically what happened in with Michigan State vs. Iowa.

Anyways, with a successful winning season, the Badgers were able to clinch a bowl game against the 8-5 Trojans of USC in the Holiday Bowl matchup in San Diego.  The bad news is that the bowl game is being played on Dec. 30, and if you’re like me, you think that any bowl games that are not played on New Year’s Day don’t mean anything. I still think that, and I am a little disappointed by this fact considering Wisconsin has been playing on New Year’s Day for as long as I can remember. But at the same time, I cannot be upset at a bowl game and look forward to Wisconsin dominating defensively, Gaglianone kicking more beautiful field goals and PATs, and Stave leading the Wisconsin offensive one last time.  This season has had great moments from beating Nebraska on the road with a marvelous game-winning field goal from Gaglianone, ruining Illinois’ homecoming with a 24-13 win on the road and ending the season by bringing home Paul Bunyan’s Axe a 12th straight year after a 31-21 road win against Minnesota.  This season has definitely had a lot of ups and while it may have had some heartbreaking moments, the Badgers had a great season defensively, which helped them seal many victories this season.  All that’s left for now is to for the bowl game in a few weeks. Until the next regular season, On Wisconsin!


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