Lookbook: Hilary Banks

90s fashion was funky, risky and downright cool. Baggy jeans and crop tops became the thing. African-American based television shows like Martin and A Different World, were highly popular at the time. These shows featured female icons that millions of people adored watching every week. Along with Ashley Banks, her oldeHilary Banks was a stylish, rich beauty with a passion for fashion.


Every girl needs a little black skirt for date night. Wearing stockings underneath a short dress was the classic ladylike thing to do in the 90s.


Hilary was known for her hats on the show; it was like she had the perfect hat to go with every outfit. The color scheme in this look was so 90s, and those gaudy buttons were  too unfortunately.



I told you she was infamous for those hats. This look is far less sophisticated than her others, but it works. The 90s were all about comfort.


Here she is rocking a classic Hilary Banks look. Dangling earrings, long overcoat and stockings were her thing.


This outfit is my favorite. The high-waist jeans accentuate her tiny waist to a T, and sheer body suit is definitely 90s, and her picnic blanket patterned wedges are adorable.



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