Gun Store Settles with Two Police Officers

By: Jeff Coy
Photo By: Emily Stanchfield on Flickr
Reuters Legal tweeted and article about a gun store having to pay $1 million on a settlement involving two police officers. The two officers were both shot with a handgun sold by the Milwaukee gun store illegally.

A jury found Badger Guns negligent and awarded $6 million to the Milwaukee policemen wounded by the suspect. The suspect, Julius Burton, had a weapon through a “straw purchase” at Badger Guns.The $1 million settlement was reached last week  and resolves the case without lengthy appeals of the jury verdict.

Burton, pleaded guilty to attempted homicide for shooting officers Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch in June 2009 while they tried arresting him. Burton used a handgun a friend had bought for him at the store. Burton’s friend, Jacob Collins, bought it because Burton was not old enough at the time. Collins, pleaded guilty to federal charges for the “straw purchase.”

For over a decade, Badger Guns was one of the top sellers of crime guns recovered by police in Milwaukee. Burton stated: “Everyone knew about it (Bader Guns). That is where a lot of people go, so I was like, I’ll go there.”

Most of the money will go to the officers’ law firm, court costs, and the city of Milwaukee. Norberg will receive $74,000 and Kunisch will get $216,000. Norberg has retired since the shooting.

In 2005, Congress approved a law which makes gun suppliers and manufactures immune to lawsuits with a few exceptions. The Milwaukee gun store’s defeat has been the first of its kind since the law’s approval.

The subject of guns continues to be a big subject in the US. Unfortunately, the wrong people tend to always find guns.




Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel


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