Why is the streak so great

Kane’s streak is so great because this season was going to be an important one for him. Over the summer no one knew his status as if he was going to play or not, but he is playing and playing well. People were going to doubt him and he is proving them wrong. It is also funny for a fan to hear other crowds boo him or tweet that the streak is going to end, haha, not going to happen. Nobody wants him to have success this season because of what happened. He is basically sticking his middle finger to everyone this year. Hawks fans are the only ones who seem to like him.It is great to see him playing well since he is one of my favorite players in any sport. The dude simply knows how to play the game. Right now the Hawks really have to join him in the success department to repeat the Cup. How awesome would that be to celebrate another one of these things? It is so hard to repeat in hockey because of the cap and the Hawks will then prove that they do indeed have a dynasty cooking up in Chicago.


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