Versace Spring 2015

Here are some of my favorite looks from the Versace Spring 2015 collection.

VER_0387.jpg  VER_0375

These two are my favorite! This shade of pink is to die for, and the mesh is so classic early 2000s. I’m obsessed with the bags, shoes, and high necklines.

VER_0147  VER_0653

Love the asymmetrical line patterns in these looks. The color schemes are perfect for spring, and the fabric and cuts add a bit of edge.

VER_0701  VER_0717

Totally reminds me of alien clothing, and I am in love. These outfits are prime examples of a futuristic twist on modern fashion.

VER_0507.jpg VER_0477

After the first two looks, these are next up on my favorites list. Of course they had to put the classic, well-known Versace icon. Again, these high necklines are giving me life.Everything, from the colors, the circular cut outs, and unspecified design patterns, is innovative.

All photos courtesy of, click the link to read more about the Versace Spring 2015 collection and see more looks.


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