unrelated blog post about DMB

Dave Matthews Band will be playing a show in San Francisco the thursday before the Super Bowl which is a promotional show for the Super Bowl. Dave Matthews Band finished up a summer tour in September and played at Farm Aid in Chicago for the 30th anniversary of the festival. The show at Farm Aid only had Dave Matthews and guitarist Tim Reynolds. The band then went to Europe for a fall tour and played in a few countries that they have never been to as a band. Some of the sets have had fans unable to wait for what is in store next year for DMB. But Dave Matthews Band will be playing the show in San Francisco on Pier 70. The name of the show is going to be “Super Thursday Night” on February 4th. Tickets went onsale for the general public on Dec. 11th. But for Dave Matthews Band “Warehouse” members, the tickets went on sale the 8th. The show sold out already so the only way to get tickets will probably be through stub hub. But good luck getting those tickets at any reasonable price as DMB shows usually are pretty expensive, even in the lawn you’re going to pay about 60 bucks for those. DMB is in the process of making a new album hopefully going to come out in 2016. During the summer and fall tour Dave Matthews band was playing some of the new songs that will probably be on the album including Be Yourself, Death on the High Seas, Virginia in the Rain. All of the songs are pretty solid and have fans excited for the new album to come out because it has been a little over three years since their last album, Away From the World came out. The one prior to that came out three years before. That album was called Big Whiskey and the Groo Grux King. The Groo Grux King being, Leroi Moore who died the year the album came out due to injuries that he sustained after falling off his ATV when he hit a hole in the ground that was made by tire tracks from a truck and had grass over it. Last year’s Super Bowl, Dave raised the 12 flag in Seattle.


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