League standings

After a slow start to the season, the Hawks have found themselves towards the top of the standings. The Dallas Stars are in first place in the Western conference with 46 points and the Los Angeles Kings are 7 points back of them with 39. The Hawks and the Blues are both tied with 36 points in fourth place. For a while the Hawks were out of playoff contention if the season were to end on those days. They started to inch themselves back into it by grabbing on to a wild card spot. Nashville Predators are behind the Hawks with 34 points in fifth place and the Minnesota Wild also have 34 points. The Winnipeg Jets and the Vancouver Canucks round out the top 8 in the conference with 30 points each. All that matters for the Hawks is getting to the playoffs because that is where they are pretty experienced and have a lot of success and it has shown over  the last few years. The Wild and Blues both have met the Hawks in the playoffs with hopes of advancing and having better seasons than the Hawks but Chicago ended that pretty fast for both teams. Hawks are in fourth, Kane has his streak alive and it’s only getting better from here.

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