League Leader

Patrick Kanes’ remarkable point streak of 25 games has put him atop the list for most points in the NHL. Kane has 45 points this season which is 5 more than Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars who both have 40 points. So Kane is pretty much grabbing a commanding lead for points in the NHL. The problem with Kane is that a majority of his points are coming by way of the assist. Kane has 19 goals this season which is one less than Benn. But Kane is tied for the league lead in assists with 26 and he is tied with Eric Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators. Kane’s point streak is incredible but he is only getting one point game lately. Yes, he is making his streak last but he isn’t really making a huge impacts of points. If he is only getting one point a game, it’s not going to be very large numbers. Kane will start getting back to the multipoint games that we expect to have sometimes but what sucks there is that the pressure is always on him and we always are expecting too much from the winger. Last night, Kaner scored a goal in the second period against the Jets helping the Hawks grab a 2-0 shut out win with Crawford in net. Kane’ gaol was pretty sweet of an even sweeter pass from the young stud Teavo Teravainen. Kane sent the pass over to Teavo and he had a wide open net to shoot at, it still would have given Kane the point of the assist but he tossed it over to him from the incredible goal where ehe barely snuck it in on the top shelf. The game before Kane almost had his point streak end but a three quarter of the ice empty net shot go in. Now that was kind of a lame way to continue the streak, but if he can keep this going for 20 more games, that goal will loom very large. So right now the Hawks are starting to look like the team we have seen before and Kane is keeping his streak alive. All is well in Chicago.


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