Final project

Multimedia project

For my final project I chose to do it on my residence’s hall council meeting where they were going to attempt and build a Christmas Tree made out of water bottles and wires. Everyone on Hall Council and the other residents in the building were asked to help gather water bottles from their floors to help make the building of the water bottle christmas tree easier. Jermaine Lumpkin is the sustainability coordinator and he was the one who was in charge of the entire night. Lump received help from the other members of hall council and even a few of the residents came down to help build this tree and stay in the christmas spirit. The tree was built by stringing the wire through the water bottles and the hope was to get it to stack up like a christmas tree. Jermaine said even though there was a lot of water bottles that were brought to be used, there wasn’t enough so the tree didn’t turn out like everyone had hoped. Also there was not enough people to help build it either. A lot of people kind of stood around and sat around and watched only like 5 people try to put this thing together which kind of sucks because it was a cool and unique project. The two other people I interviewed, Carter and Natalie, are not a member of hall council but were two of the residents that went downstairs to try and help and see what was gong on. It was something unique that Lawson Hall and Jermaine came up with. It only took about an hour and a half until a lot of people started to give up because it wasn’t going in the right direction. It turned into a big blob of water bottles Jermaine joked. Even though the project kind of failed and did not turn out really looking like a Christmas Tree, Jermaine and the other people who helped make the tree said that it was still fun. If this thing turned out to look like an actual christmas tree, Lawson Hall would have looked pretty cool with it sitting in there.


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