Photo used by creative commons permission


The Hawks have recently sent down their 21 year old star Marko Dano. Dano was off to a strong start for the Hawks being such a young player.He played in just 13 games because he started the season in the AHL and the Hawks called him up to give him a little bit of NHL experience. Through his 13 games he scored 1 goal and notched 1 assist. Those are not staggering numbers but watching him play, sometimes with Toews, the Blackhawks’ captain, he was holding his own out there. He is also a very fast player which fits in perfectly with how the Hawks play the game of hockey. A lot of the times these guys get sent down because they are so young but they usually will be going back and forth between the AHL and the NHL it is all going to depend on whether the Hawks need them at that time. It usually isn’t a knock on how they are playing, at this point it is all about getting the young guys the experience they will need to excel in the NHL in a few years. The Hawks have proven to have young talent lead the team. Brandon Saad is now on the Blue Jackets but earned two cups for the Hawks before he was 24. The first time they won the cup he was 20 years old so a bar celebration was kind of funny for him. No one is going to say no to the Stanely Cup champion but as a joke the Hawks gave Saad a horse head that he could wear so that no one saw his face. Who knows, maybe Dano will be the next guy to help get the Hawks a cup. YEs, he is 21, but right now most 21 year olds are in college or at a bar drinking. So I would say that playing in the minor leagues at his age is not a bad thing when you think about what the majority of the 21 year olds in the world are doing. The Hawks actually get Dano because of the trading of Saad. Hawks fans were furious that the Hawks could actually trade away their young star. But Dano and the other young guns the Hawks brought in, helped ease that pain. Dano, We’ll see you soon man.


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