CHICAGO CUBS random post

Photo used by creative commons permission

The Chicago Cubs are realllllly freakin good. They really made a name for themselves last year losing in the NLCS against the Mets. That success last year earned them to be world series favorites for the 2016 season. Let that sink in, the chicago cubs, who were unbearable to watch because of how bad they sucked 5 years ago are favored to win the world series. Look at their lineup, they have Rizzo, Bryant, Schwarber, Russel. All of them are really young ad have their best years ahead of them. In helping the Cubs make their push to the World Series they managed to land Jason Heyward the other day. He is going to make a huge impact on the team. Hayward is from division rival St. Louis Cardinals and it was funny to see their reactions seeing one of their best players leave their city for the Cubs. I’ll take it though. But one thing that the Cubs did lose, maybe not a huge loss was trading Starlin Castro. Castro began his career in Chicago and instantly made huge splashes everywhere especially at the plate. But his fielding was not very good and he did not ramain to be the player that started their career for the Cubs. So the Cubs had to let him go to make some money room for Hayward. The cubs traded him to the Yankees. Another player that the Cubs showed interest in but not enough was former Cubs and Sox pitcher, Jeff Samardzija. Samardzija is my favorite player in the MLB so the thought of a reunion in Chicago had me very excited. The Cubs didn’t want to pay Jeff what he was looking for so there fore he accepted an offer from the Giants. The cubs will see Jeff sometime this year as they are both in the NL. I just wish he was pitching for the Cubbies. But the Cubs future couldn’t be brighter. Im excited for what lies ahead.


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