Illinois Opens Dispensary 33

Illinois makes it’s splash in the medical marijuana pool. Yesterday the state opened it’s first dispensary much to the delight of medicinal patients.  According to NBC Chicago patients have spent $801,000 alone in the first month. Dispensary 33 has a limited selection but that 800,000 can possibly double with time and more products to offer, edibles, concentrates and even lotions and creams are items that are also obtainable through dispensaries. The state asks for 7 percent meaning that the state of Illinois will see at least  $57,000 in tax money. I think this is great!  Eventually the state of Illinois should have enough tax money from the dispensaries to help out the financial crisis the state is in. The new business should do well to make the state substantial amounts of money.  There are 16 operating dispensaries in the state. This means JOBS! Jobs mean more people in the area, more people means more money being put back into the state! YOU SEE HOW THIS WORKS?? LEGALIZE IT


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