Fashion has always been relevant. After cavemen, people actually began wearing clothes. But just as times change, the correlating fashion does as well. Women were known for tight corsets, enormous skirts/dresses, and extravagant headwear. When the west entered the modern era, fashion prospered in new forms.

In the past, women were far more modest and dressed very conservative. As time went on women began showing more skin, and provocative clothing is more acceptable these days. What we may consider conservative now, was considered risky back in the day. After WWI, women started to dress far more casual and comfortable. Women’s changing roles in society also influenced the fashion at the time. During the war husbands and sons weren’t around to do their usual jobs, so women had to step up to the plate and take over the typical male roles. Thus, women began wearing jeans, loose tops, boots, etc.

Social class also defined fashion, and somewhat still does. Poor, less fortunate people were often seen in torn, raggedy clothing. The rich, upper-class was polished from head to toe in expensive dresses made of silk and pearls and diamonds. Now, research declares that is much more difficult to distinguish someone’s social class solely based on the way they’re dressed because so many people are defected from fashion trends and dressing according to their personality or mood, not their occupation or their budget. People have discovered new ways to obtain the popular look for less money, and the value in name brand clothing is decreasing because of imitations and knockoffs.

Some say less is more. The female body is more socially accepted now than it was 50 years ago. Crop tops, booty shorts, and tight skirts are the norm nowadays. It isn’t a big deal for a woman’s belly button or cleavage to be exposed on any given day. But, some people definitely cross the line with the how much they expose.

Just as women took it upon themselves to assume male roles and adopt their fashion, men have done the same. There are a lot more openly male transgender, homosexual, and cross dressers than there used to be. In the past, it was shameful and intolerable for a man to be anything less than a man. Now, they are accepted with open arms, and take on female roles in the style department. Men wear women’s clothing all of the time now.

When it comes to fashion, there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong. Everyone has a personal preference, and it is a free country so to each his own. Change is constant in all things.




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