Photo by unknown user and used by creative commons permission

Andrew Shaw is the man that is obvious. The dude is insane and loves to start up some fights. Sure, he is not the smartest person on the ice but man is he fun to watch. He is just a pretty goofy guy. Over the summer the Hawks traded Patrick Sharp who was known for having great hair, maybe even the best flow in the league. So when this season was getting ready to start, Shaw said he was going to challenge him for the best hair in the league and grow out some flow of his own. That is something only Andrew Shaw would do. He is also the only player to probably think about and actually head butt a puck into the net for a goal. Of course that move is not legal but to see him do that for what looked like to be an overtime winner was absolutely amazing. There is a lot to say about the man they call the Mutt. He is under six feet tall but will mess with just about anyone in the league. He takes shit from no one and that is a big reason why people love him. Another big reason why people love him even more now is that he is becoming more of a hockey player and can even be relied on to score some goals and record some assists. He has even seen time on the top line with Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews, one of the best players in the league and you got crazy little Shaw playing on the line with him. That says something about the way he plays, fearless. Shaw has become a key part in the Hawks lineup and especially winning the last two Stanley Cups. Who would have thought that the lunatic that got in a fight in his first ever NHL game and also scored a goal and assist would actually become a great player for the top team in the NHL. Seriously, who comes on to the ice in their first NHL game and fights someone who has been around for a while? That’s something only Andrew Shaw will do. His best years are still ahead of him.


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