Jonathan Toews

Photo used by creative commons permission


What can be said about the Hawks’ captain Jonathan Toews? First lets start and say that he scored his first career NHL goal on his first career shot in the league. At just 18 years old. And here I am 19 years old in a college class writing a blog post about him. Where did I go wrong? He was making just under a million dollars and I get paid $70 a week to edit stories for a school newspaper. It’s not fair. But I don’t really care, I still love watching him play for my favorite team in the world, the Blackhawks. Toews was named the youngest captain in Hawks history after playing just two years in the NHL. He is one of the best leaders in the NHL and has won many awards for his leadership and play on the ice. He has led the Hawks to three Stanley Cup Championships, the first one in 2010 when he and Kaner were just 21 years old. Most 21 year olds are getting hammered in bars and these dudes are winning cups. Again, kinda unfair. Not really though because there was something in their genes that made them amazing hockey players and Toews a great leader. I would not be able to lead a pack of ants if I was asked to let alone an organization. One of Toews’ most recent accomplishments was winning best player in the NHL ESPY. It’s nice to have that on the team, a guy who is the best in the NHL and also is the best leader in the NHL. It makes total sense as to how the Hawks are always making runs to get another Cup. Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane turned the franchise of the Chicago Blackhawks around in just a few years. The Hawks were one of the worst teams in SPORTS, and could barely fill one level of their stadium. You could pretty much get a ticket for free before these guys showed up. Now you’d be lucky to get a ticket for less than $100. Even though I may not be able to attend many games anymore because of the price. Thank you Toews for what you have done.


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