Photo by unknown user and used by creative commons permission


The Chicago Blackhawks sent down one of their most physical players to the Rockford Icehogs in the AHL. Bryan Bickell was sent down by The Hawks as he was not playing very well to start the new season. Bickell received monster contract after his great post season in the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Hawks expected to see that Bryan Bickell in every game since and he has not been that way. Bicks has been a strong player since then but he is not playing at the level at which he should be and that was the reason for his demotion to the AHL. Hawks fans know that it will only be matter of time before they call up their big physical player to play in the NHL again. He just needs some time to get back to the game that he and the rest of the Hawks and fans know that he can play at. Bicks has a huge slap shot that helps out the Hawks’ offense tremendously. It can either fly right past the goalie for a goal, or bounce of the goalie for a rebound where another Hawk is standing to tap home. Bickell’s demotion isn’t going to be permanent as Hawks fans know that players get into coach Q’s doghouse from time to time and it takes some work to get out of but everyone makes it out sooner or later. Except Jeremy Morin, Q never really liked him from the beginning. So Bickell and Hawks fans shouldn’t worry, he is going to be back within a couple of weeks. Who knows maybe he’ll go and score a bunch of goals and get a bunch of assists in a few games in Rockford and be back up on the Hawks before anyoen realizes he is gone.


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