Adopt A Multimedia Journalist : Shanice Dunning

  1. Does Kent State Value Athletics More Than Academics



This is a good example of multimedia journalism because she reported this issue then made a video about it. This is a topic that many colleges and universities deal with because athletics are praised more than academics.

2. Colleges fail to teach lessons in loans



This is a good example because, again, it shows something that students feel strongly about, such as loans. But it also shows good video skills and the work that needs to be put into videos such as these. She also talked about this personally, then had it filmed for the video.

3. Reporting Reel



This is a good example because she was featured on the news after she did a regular news story for her job and it became world wide. It shows growth in your career, and it also shows how you can start off small with journalism, and grow and evolve to bigger things.

4) “The Undoubted”4


This is a good example because it is modern. It relates to things that we want to hear, such as social media. this video also shows how things can change is if we take different routes. It shows her growth in her career.

5)  Trying to get FCC records at Cleveland TV Stations.



This is a good example of an investigative piece from her. She normally does news reports and blogs, but she did an investigative piece with her news company and FCC.

6) Students Occupy Kent



this was a piece that was based around students at Kent University. it shows emotions and reactions from students. It also shows how the students feel and it is done in a tasteful way.

7) Stop-and-Frisk Coming to CLE?



This was a good piece because she reported her whole story live from the scene. she also was not biased on her reporting, she showed the good and the bad side of the story.

8) Cleveland:  Man Killed, Child Shot on MLK



This video shows the realities of our current world. It is good because it of the footage and the emotion in the story.

9) CAVS fan react to first finals win



This was a good piece of work because it also showed emotion from the fans. it had a lot of B-Roll and the camera shots were good and clear.

Dunning does a good job with all of her news pieces. The ten that I have included as well as all of the others that she has done shows tremendous growth as well as talent. Each piece she does she makes it relatable to students in college or young people in general. This is important because we need students to read the news and watch the news as well as understand it. I decided to go with her because I keep up with her and I admire her and her work. For starters, she is a young African American woman. She landed a good job quickly after graduating college. I keep up with her because she is something that I want to be like in the near future. I think she is a good example of multimedia practices because she takes relatable topics and presents them in a great way. They are all understandable and they are all complex enough to be worthy of being on the news. Dunning also does a good job of making her news stories personalized, but not biased. She has a way of incorporating who she is, as well as her positive energy in all of her works. This contributes to her being a good artist because she is very original and eccentric.









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