420: The Origin of the Legend.

It is 3:14 on a Wednesday as I type this at my computer.  In one hour and six minutes many tokers from all over will ceremonially indulge in the cannabis because “it’s 420 somewhere”.  420 has become the universal sign for smoking cannabis. If you are a smoker chances are that you have heard this term more than once throughout your hazy journeys.

The fact is this term is over 40 years old and many people who consider themselves apart of the cannabis culture  do not know the origin only the myths and legends. 420 anywhere for smokers means it’s time to light up. There are no discrepancies, whether it’s 4:20 AM or PM or the coveted April 20 that is known worldwide as national weed day.

The Huffington Post ran a story about 5 years ago on April 20 about the origin of the famous term. Huff Post traced it all the way back to San Rafael, California where a group of friends known to one another as the “Waldos” would gather together  before going off in search of an abandoned cannabis crop some where in the woods.

Beginning in 1971 420 was an inside thing between friends, that would spread to the California circles before it ended on the lips of the Grateful Dead who had some connection to the Waldos. Naturally, after an endorsement from the Grateful Dead the term would soon circulate in Deadhead circles and  not long after it stretched nationwide and the rest is history.


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