Marijuana and the NFL

One of the things medicinal cannabis does for the body is act as a natural painkiller an alternative to the synthetic pain pills approved throughout the league. According to a survey of 16 current NFL players by BleacherReport 15 of the 16 surveyed admitted to regular marijuana use.

Most players stated it was for medical purposes to ease the pain after games. Although some also did admit to recreational use.

Today’s players understand the marijuana much better than the owners making the rules. I think that is just part of the generational gap. NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell believes that  the NFL will adapt with the medical field.

The decision on whether or not letting players smoke weed is in fact a safer alternative to taking notoriously addictive synthetic drugs. In more recent NFL news talk of concussions and player safety have been coming up in conversations.

During a career that spanned 10 seasons with multiple teams, former NFL player  Kyle Turley is one of many former players who are taking a stand against the  hard synthetic  drugs being prescribed to players for their  ailments.   Turley is a founder of the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition, an organization dedicated to getting players the option to use medicinal cannabis as a natural alternative to synthetic painkillers. Turley recalls that his use of cannabis stopped the homicidal and suicidal tendencies the years of prescription pill use brought upon him.

I think cannabis should definitely have it’s place in the medical options for the NFL. Football is a rough and tough full contact sports that leaves  the human body up for all kinds of physical and mental injuries. There have been at least 4 suicides in the past 5 years from former and current players.  Furthermore most of the suicides examined were caused by a head trauma related illness known as CTE or  Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy .

If the NFL doesn’t act soon it could mean lifelong issues for players in the future and bad business for the NFL.


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