For the Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane, getting back on the ice for the 2015 season was up in the air. Kane who was accused of rape of the summer was unsure what his status was for the season. But after a few really weird twists and turns, Kane was cleared and the investigation was dropped and Kane returned to the Hawks full go. Yes, Kane was booed from every opposing team’s fans and I dont think everyone was totally convinced that the actually didnt do it. They still see the party boy Patrick Kane form years past and jumped to conclusions. As a fan of both Kane and the Hawks in my mind I stayed biased and hoped he didnt do it and that he would be back on the ice with the rest of the Hawks ready to make a run for a repeat at the Stanley Cup. Kane came back as strong as he was when the 2015 Stanley Cup. But the biggest worry for all fans and probably even the team was if Kane was going to remain in the same form as he started the season. Patrick Kane is one of the best players on the Hawks and in the NHL and if the Hawks were to lose him, it would not be  good scene in Chicago. The Hawks would not be the same team with the loss of one guy. The coolest part about this was that Kane was there to raise the championship banner in front of a packed United Center house. Kane, the biggest part of the team at times deserves to be playing. If he was guilty I feel like they would have convicted him. I am glad that the season has started and he doesnt have to really worry about it or be asked about it. The girl who accused him did not want to participate in the investigation anymore and that was pretty much the end of it all. Kane is playing and all is well in Chicago.


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