things a female should have

  1. A cell phone. A woman should never be outside, alone, without any form of communication. Anything can happen, and she needs to always be in contact with someone
  2.  A black Dress. a black dress is very versatile, you can wear it anywhere with anything. and it is very slimming.
  3. A purse/wallet. You should never walk around with your belongings in your hand. it is not safe and you do not want to put yourself in a harmful situation.
  4. Nude Lipstick. Nude goes with anything. You should always have something nice on your lips, the first thing people notice is your smile. So make sure you have nice lips when they notice the beautiful smile.
  5. Comfortable shoes. Although some women can walk around all day in 6-inch heels, many of us cant. We should always have  pair of comfortable shoes that we can walk around in that will still look good with what we have on.
  6. Feminine Products. Many women know that when mother nature strikes, she has to warnings at times. We should always be prepared just in case she decides to make an unexpected visit.
  7. Lotion. It is not lady like to have ashy hands.
  8. Confidence. confidence is a woman’s best trait. Having confidence might inspire other women around you who might not have it.

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